Pls help: My Laptop Can't burn CD/DVD



Hi all,

I use an adapter and/or a case to connect a DVD+RW to my laptop. My laptop is running XP SP2. After DVD drive connection, both CD and DVD can be read. However, when I use Nero or Alcohol to burn MP3 CD, I found that I cant make an audio CD (and in fact the software is hang while burning the file for more than 1 hr). I can see the field of ‘Disc name’ is blurred out (ie. deactivated) before I select the ‘Burn’ button to kick off the disc burning.

Interestingly, if I choose to make a data disk, it works. I really dont know why my laptop cant burn the MP3 audio CD. For your information, I have tried to install the DVD+RW into a desktop and the drive works as normal. Hence, I dont believe the problem is related to the hardware.

Can anyone pls help me to resolve the problem.

Many Thx.


Mp3’s should always be burnt as Data files.