*** PLS HELP! My GSA-2166D cannot read DVD from Walt Disney! ***

My LG GSA-2166D cannot read DVD VDO. Lately I bought Monsters, Inc and some others Walt Disney cartoons and tried to watch it. But I cannot! It can read and write CD or even other DVDs but not any DVD movies!! :sad: :sad:

I’m sure that I have set my DVD region correctly (region 4). my firmware is 1.02 (the firmware come with this drive when i bought it brand new last year.)

can someone help me plssss…

Hi and Welcome!

for DVD movie playback, you need special software. Often, there is a copy of PowerDVD or similar bundled with the drive.

You might also try the free VLC Player and see if that works.

If that fails, too, then there is a problem with your Windows installation, not with the drive as you can read other DVDs.