PLS HELP! corrupted DVD files:(((

Hi there.

after searching around the net for various answers,im glad i found this forum…lots of usefull tips

anyway heres my problem

i wanted to format my drive…so beforehand i thought i would back up some of my downloads…i burned 3 dvds!,on these DVDs are mainly avi video clips

after i burned these files i checked to see if they would play on my computer
with my various players…divx wmp videolan etc…they all seemed fine

after i formatted …when i enter the dvd all is fine…the files all show up with wmp icon…and gives info such as how big the file is etc…but when i try to copy some back onto my drive i get error msg saying…parametter uncorrect
and it will not let me move the file from the dvd onto the drive
some avis are ok and will let me copy…while the ones that are not showing any thumbnail preview…wont.and if i try to play them straight from the dvd ,all the players wont play them…saying its maybe corrupt

they all were fine before i formatted!

the dvd has no damage at all on it

ive tryed DVD rescue but to no avail

will another formatt maybe help?
windows XP SP2
files were burnedwith honestech burner

plssssssssss help…thnx