PLS HELP! Can't do Nero Disc Qual Test

Hey All…

The strangest thing has happened. Over the last month or so, I’ve done a ton of tests with Nero testing Dee & Liggy’s F/W without a probblem. All of a sudden now I’ll do a create data disc & transfer test just fine. Then I go to do a disc quality test and it freezes. It starts to load but then just sits there. The start button does not highlight or brighten so you can click it to get going. Anyone have any ideas? This is driving me nuts. I’ll attach. picture of where it stops. Any thought s will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


NEC doesn’t perform quality tests…but your LiteOn can.

KockRoach is absolutely correct! NEC does not do PI/PIF scans… You can not do quality scans with this drive…



What a BRAIN FART on MY PART. Sorry about that. To many pain pills and to much on my mind with major back surgery in 12 hrs, 5 minutes and counting. Sorry to have waisted your time. I should have known better.:o :o :sad: :sad:
But thanks for waking me up.


No problem, I know I could expect the same from you as I continued to over consume adult beverages to the point of oblivion… Oh, sorry to hear ‘bout your back problems! Hope all turns out is well……… :iagree:

Thanks pcdoc

Hope my Doc (surgeon) is as kind and gentle as you.

Well if he’s not, tell him to “lighten up” and become a CDFreak:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Look for ya in few days, I’m sure all will be fine…


Hope all goes well Sportfish :slight_smile:

Reading the new FAQ that Wesociety put put can help, too. :wink: