Pls comment on this rip speed



Hi is my rip speed very slow? i mean the encoding speed. My drive is Benq 1620 PRO i patched with ala42 speed patch


Shrinkis slow and a faster ripper wont change that.




DVD Shrink is doing more than ripping alone.

To isolate ripping alone, try using just simple Nero CD-DVD Speed test program for transfer rate, and DVD Decrypter to rip and save to hard drive (use File Mode).

Besides the drive and firmware and interface to the PC, depends on what is the source DVD-Video, The faster full ripping is from clean pressed SL unencrypted DVD-Video


The speed can depend on a number factors.

Whether you rip from the DVD or use DVD Decrypter and do it from the HDD.

The amount of compression. Generally the more compression, the longer it takes. No compression and you can get some really fats speeds.

If you use AEC, this can slow down Shink considerably. Max Smooth is the slowest.

The number of audio and subtitles being removed will slow the speed down.

On a Athlon XP 2000. I get around 25,000 KB/s with no compression. With average compression and no AEC I get around 7000 KB/s. Using AEC the speed can be around 900KB/s for Max Smooth to 2,5000-3000KB/s for default AEC.

The only way to increase Shrink’s preformance is a faster processor. 512MB of RAM does help but anything more is not necessary.