Pls comment on the rip speed

Hi this is my rip speed. 12.8x very slow right? i see some with 16x speed. pls help. is mine normal?

I 20:01:17 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:07:28
I 20:01:17 Average Read Rate: 13,752 KB/s (9.9x) - Maximum Read Rate: 17,766 KB/s (12.8x)

my encoding speed seems slow pls help

No 12x isnt slow its normal, 16x is only reached near the end of the disc but on average it hovers between 10-12x.

I’m guessing you have a single layer DVD-ROM which isnt using the full capacity of the disc which is why 12x was the highest speed it went to.

oic but did the speed patch take effect? if i am without the patch wat is the normal rip speed?

If I’m not mistaken, you are trying to test read speed using DVDShrink. You have to take into account all the CPU you are using to compress the DVD-9…

Tell us more about your H/W and S/W setup. What IDE drivers are you on…

Nero Info Tool will give you all the answers needed. :slight_smile:

Works like a charm. Its about time the BenQ’s had a riplock/speed up FW!!