hey all

When I did the firmwire upgrade, I had a problem,
prob : when i put a cd in the cd drive of my windows doen’t find it, but i need to open my PlexTool and do a refresh of my scsi drive so my windows(explorer) or my apps like nero or clonecd would read the cd
can someone help me plz
ist kind of unpretty when i need to doa refresh so i can c my cd or music disc
my plexwiter is a scis and I am using Win2ksp3, all drivers r uptodate, only using one scis drive so no probs with irq’s

thx for the feedback

Sounds stange.

What firmware version were you flashing from / to?

Have you tried to downgrade the firmware again?

Might only be that the system’s got its legs crossed after the firmware upgrade.

Try deleting the burner, SCSI adapter (or both) in Device Manager, re-start and let the system find them again.

Might also have auto-detect disabled for the Plextor – although your post doesn’t read like it is.

I have the same burner, latest firmware, no problems as a rule, provided I remember to turn the CPU cool bit on before burning.