Plexwriter scsi 8/2/20

can somebody explain what mains :PX-W8220 (SCSI) only if TLA=01xx TLA=01xx :confused:

I guess you found in the list of supported drivers of CloneCD.

I don’t know what the abreviation means, but it is some kind of production-batchnumber. So you need to check your drive if you can find the tla number and compare it! If it is not like CloneCD mentions, then you don’t have full CloneCD support :frowning:

From our mainpage:

The TLA # stands for the hardware revision. There are some differences between the various TLA#'s

You can find the TLA # on the unit itself and on the package you got it in.
I have a Plextor IDE writer myself which has TLA#0305.