Plexwriter Premium not detected in BIOS?

I just installed a new PX-760A and now I have this problem. Here is the config:

Primary Master: Lite-on 165H6S
Primary Slave: Lite-on 1653S

Sec. Master: PX-760A
Sec. Slave: Premium

It does show up in Windows though, and I can use it to burn. Is this something I need to worry about at all?

Also, although my IDE controller is capable of UDMA5, all of my drives are set to UDMA4 (except the Premium), and UDMA5 isn’t available. My controller is an nVidia nForce3 250.


I don’t know about your BIOS, but some BIOS are dumb when you enter SETUP mode and leave some IDE device slots blank until the audo-detect command is issued. As I remembered, the nforce 3 bios usually fills in the slots during SETUP. But every board maker likes to take the nvidia reference BIOS and fiddle with it, usually adding more bugs.

Both the device and the controller has to support UDMA 5 before it can handle UDMA 5. I am not sure about this, but usually the IDE port communicates at the speed of the slowest device on the cable. The BIOS should automatically detect the UDMA and PIO modes too.