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Plextor - king of high prices and technological irrelevance. How much longer until they stop selling consumer products and focus 100% on their professional market? Not long I say. Plextor - the Matrox of optical drives.
[edited by cynicalbastard on 09.05.2003 20:16]

You also forgot to mention that Plextor is king of quality. If copying games is not important, I’d take a disc made on a Plextor any day.

Frustrated? I’ve already had a lot of CD-RW’s: LG, LiteOn, Sony, … But if it comes down to quality and service: Plextor beats them all. Plextor is THE king of Quality!

meh. plextors are rediculously overpriced, it is 2003 and yet we are still paying over $100 for a new cd burner, oh but wait “It’s a Plextor!” Give me a break.
[edited by c0re on 10.05.2003 01:57]

I had a Plexie for 3 years (124TS) and was very pleased with it… Just got a LiteOn 52x24x52 and I am very happy too… The difference… LiteOn is cheaper… but no manual, no Onsite Site Collect and Return 2 year warranty… and Plexies tech support replies to you!!! That sure has a price… I can do without nowadays, but if you’re looking for service, Plextor is the benchmark AFAIK. Technically, all tests reveal Plexies as great performers… So, 2 years Warranty+Great performance+ Tech support = Pricey It’s wasted $$$ if you never have a problem, otherwise, it works just like your full coverage car insurance: nobody wants to have an accident, but the day it happens, you only get the help you paid for. :S
[edited by satrianez on 10.05.2003 03:02]

I’ll take the Lite-On LTR 52x burner over the newest Plexy. “Most” people wan’t a burner than can backup cd/audio protection and the Litey LTR 52x can do it easily. CD-Freaks hardware review on the Litey LTR 52x burner put this as the best “pound for pound” burner available :B

most people that read here want that. most “other” people want a burner that doesnt break, does what it says it does, and will be fixed if/when it does break.

I had a Lite-On 52x and it sucked. I returned it for the Plextor 48x (and now have the new Premium 52x) I had nothing but problems with Nero and EAC on the Lite-On.

Read the review and studied the features. Went out this past weekend and got one. Had one small question saturday night while testing some things, fired off an email to Plextor support at 5 mins before midnight. They emailed me back at 12:03am sunday morning (8 mins later) with all the answers I needed. For me, that kind of service is why I’ll pay a bit more. :X

It seems the price difference is not that great - tens of pounds rather than 100 is the norm. Plextor are the best, lite-on write quality and build quality has been poor in comparison. It seems those Lite-on lovers love Lite-On because they have a reputation for backing up games more easily - hmm, backing up (!!!) is more important than writing properly - not for me.