Plexwriter dead, LG GSA-H10ABAL a good replacement?



Hello all, my old and once trusty 40x12x40 Plexwriter is behaving very weired. When the PC boots up and there is nothing in the drive then the PC behaves as normal, as soon as I insert a disc, any media, then the green activity light keeps flashing and the PC stops responding as it tries to read the disc.
If I eject the disc the PC comes back to life, but the CD drawer will not go back in!?

Its dead right?

So, I’m looking for a replacement DVD writer and I see most of the online stores have “LG’s Latest” LG GSA-H10ABAL for a good price. Any views on this as I cant seem to track down a review online?



Any reason you don’t want a PX-755A or 760A?


No, wait for LG-GSAH10N, which supports 12x DVD-RAM.
But if you need scanning capatibilities, you should try Lite-On or Benq.


Just a wild guess, but could it be because of the ridiculously high price?

Seriously though, I would recommend the Benq 1650 for around $41 delivered from Newegg (if you are in the USA). Excellent burns, compatible with a wide variety of media, runs quality scans with Nero CDSpeed, fast ripping, what more do you need?


H10N is already available in South Korea, Japan, and some other countries. H10N has 12x DVD-RAM, 10x DVD+R DL, and 6x DVD-R DL that H10A doesn’t have.


H10N & H20L also available here in Germany now.