PlexWriter 8/4/32

Hmmmm…I’m using Nero to burn CDs (as the Deluxe Version of EZ CD 4 can’t support this drive unless I upgrade it). I’m using Nero The problem is…it’s a eight by FOUR by thirty-two. Nero will only allow me to burn CD-RW’s at 2x. Anyone know how I can fix this?



Just upgraded to the latest Nero ( and I still have the same problem


I’ve have the same ‘problem’ with Plextor 8/4/32. The problem isn’t your writer but your cd-rw’s. If you have 2 speed cd-rw you can only write at 2 speed. If you buy 4 speed cd-rw’s you can write on 4 speed.


RMX is right. It auto detects the max speed it can burn based on the drive and the media.