Plexwriter 8/20


I have a serious question about Plexwriter 8/20. CloneCD`s hardware list says that all units manufactered after FEB. 99 will work but before it was after MARS. 99… Which is the correct one? Will a writer created on MARS. 99 work perfectly with CloneCD? Maybe Olli could answer this question, if he could take the time for an honest registered user!


Try it!!! And you wil self see of this Plex 8/20 works whit Clone!!


Yes ofcourse i will try it, the problem is only that i have to pay for it before, that was the deal. Ive owned a 8/20 before, created on April 99 and it worked great... But i sold it to a friend before i knew it was the best burner ever made.... Well, lets pray for god this one created on Mars 99 will work…otherwise, it`s not such a bad burner anyhow …hehe…But i still think it would be nice of Olli to answer this question…


YES it worked, my Plexwriter created on Mars 99 really did it! But i still have to say iam very disappointed i didnt got an answer from Olli himself. The deal when you registered CloneCD was free updates for an year + free support questions. I have never got an answer from Elaborate Bytes when mailing a question, is that a way to threat honest registered users??? Instead he is spending time answer questions from pirates on CloneCD Forums. Iam sorry Olli, i really love your product but you must respect registered users first of all! You cant get the cake and eat it at the same time…