PlexWriter 52/24/52A - PlexWriter Premium

What 's the difference between these two cd-writers?
Which one is the best?

They are both pretty good drives, the Premium drive introduces some exra features though that the 5224A doesnt have. On the other hand you might not have any use for them too.

Here are the specs of the 5224A and the Premium drives

If there’s no money issue as the Premium drive is more expensive, i’d go for that :wink:

Yes me too. If I had to choose I’d go for the Premium. Hardware wise there are some differences (buffer 2MB vs. 8MB, 24x CD-RW vs. 32x CD-RW) but when it comes to techniques, there is no beating the Premium (SecuRec, GigaRec, Q-Check functions with PlexTools, etc).

Thanks for your advice;)

You are welcome. May I ask what your choice is, the Premium or the normal 52x?