PleXWriter 40/12/40S Strange Problem

I bought a PleXWriter 40/12/40S a couple of weeks ago and everything has been going fine. On 2 occasions now my Adaptec 29160 SCSI card failed to see my Ultraplex Wide and PleXWriter 40/12/40S CDs and showed I had an Epson SPC7216 SCSI hard drive. I don’t own any Epson SCSI drives. All my drives are Seagate Cheetah’s on an Adaptec RAID 3400S. The 29160 card has no hard drives attached to it only my two CDs. I have had the 29160 and Ultraplex and a SCSI Yamaha Burner for a couple of years with no trouble. This only happened since getting the new PleXWriter 40/12/40S. Any suggestions? Anyone encounter similar trouble?

I kind off had a similar problem.
When I installed an extra ATA controller with a Quantum Fireball hard disk it said that it was a SCSI device.
It gets recognised, but I had quite some performance problems with it.

The Fireball worked fine when it was connected to the mobo’s IDE.

I hooked up a Maxtor HD to the controller card and that one doesn’t seem to have problems with the controller.

(although Maxtor incorporated Quantum)

Maybe you have an compatibility issue between 2 devices?


The only devices on my Adaptec 29160 is a Plextor Ultraplex Wide and the new PleXWriter 40/12/40S CD-RW. There has never been and hard drives connected to it. Ever since I had the SCSI controller it had 2 SCSI CD-ROMs. At first the Ultraplex wide and a Yamaha SCSI CDR. Since getting the PleXWriter 40/12/40S it showed I had an Epson hard drive and both CDs disappeared. When I unplug the PleXWriter 40/12/40S and reboot the Ultraplex Wide is detected, then I reattach the PleXWriter 40/12/40S and it’s detected. It works great for a few days and then the Epson Device shows up. I don’t own any Epson hardware. Could this be a PleXWriter 40/12/40S firmware problem?

Originally posted by meanmusic
Could this be a PleXWriter 40/12/40S firmware problem?
No idea :confused: But have you tried the latest firmware for this SCSI recorder, v1.01? Worth a try…