Plexwriter 40/12/40a spin up/down problems

I’m having some problems with a my Plexwriter 40/12/40a. I’ve sent an e-mail to their tech support only to get the response “the drive is out of warranty.” I don’t know about others but I payed extra $$ to get a Plextor instead of some other brand, and it seems pretty sh*tty to me that they would cop out like this when a customer has a problem. I’ve included the e-mail I sent to their tech support. Does anyone here have any ideas or have you heard of this kind of thing before?

Hello. I own a Plextor 40/12/40a CD-RW, purchased a little over a year ago. In the past few months I have noticed a problem with the drive reading CD-Rs that it has burned. During continuous reads of CD-Rs it has burned the CD-RW drive will begin to spin up and spin down in rapid succession, and the reading speed of the drive will drop dramatically (often to less than 4x). With any particular CD-R this problem occurs with, the spin up/down occurs in between 60-80% of the read and the drive continues spinning up and down until the read is finished.

As an example, I have used the 40/12/40a to burn a CD-R of Linux live-boot CD (where the Linux operating system runs directly off the CD). When booting from this CD-R using the 40/12/40a, the boot fails at about 75% because the drive starts to spin up and down rapidly while loading certain files. However, on a LiteOn drive in the same computer the boot completes successfully with no such problem.

Please note:

  1. This is NOT a Windows problem–it occurs both inside AND OUTSIDE of Windows
  2. This is NOT a firmware problem–the 40/12/40a has the latest firmware installed (v1.06)
  3. This is NOT a problem with the burning software–I am using DiscJuggler, which is on Plextor’s recommended list
  4. This is NOT a problem with a bad burn–it occurs with several other burns I have made AND all of these burns work without problems in other CD-Rom drives that I own
  5. This is NOT A MEDIA PROBLEM–it occurs with SEVERAL DIFFERENT brands and batches of CD-Rs that I have bought, EVEN THOSE APPROVED by Plextor


Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I find it very odd that they have replied to you that you dont have warranty, especially since you dodnt provide them with a serial number. If you have purchased the drive just over a year ago, you should be entitled to request an RMA.

I have just RMAed my drive which was purchased almost 2 years ago.

Well, I’m certainly not happy about it. I think they didn’t ask for my serial number, though, because I had written in the e-mail that I purchased the drive a little over a year ago. Official policy for Plextor-USA is that the warranty expires 1 year after purchase. Regardless, I would expect more from their support than ducking behind policy to dodge having to help a customer.

A little earlier today I actually called tech support and they told me my only option as far as returning the drive goes is to mail them my drive AND an additional $70+ to recieve a refurbished drive (so that my Plexwriter gives me a “discounted” price on the refurbished unit of my choice). :Z … I’d rather get a brand new LiteOn at Newegg for $40 (with faster speed than the refurb’d units they’re offering).

Exact problem here but i have a 48/24/48a… No one has any info on this?
The burner writes ok, cause the cds that it refuses to read (cause in the end you wont have patience to let it read the cd at those ridiculous speeds) are 100% (read perfect on a MSI and on my Plextor 708).

I have the same problems with Plex4824A and Premium. They both read CD-R only at 4X.

Try running the Plextor self-test diagnostics with a piece of Plextor recommended CD-R media. Also, check within Windows to see if the transfer mode for the drive is still UDMA mode 2.

I have the same problems with Plex4824A and Premium. They both read CD-R only at 4X.

Long shot, but worth a try… check the Silent Mode settings in Plextools (these settings are stored in the drive’s firmware, so they stay active until changed again).
It doesn’t look like dustedBlade’s problem, but I find it very strange that both Poaalpina’s Plexys are doing the same…

Thanks Guys! But i’ve tried everything. I posted my problem with Plexies in that thread: