Plexwriter 40/12/40a only in pio mode

my plextor 40/12/40a is supposed to work as a udma device but it only get detected at pio mode. Strange this is.

My system:

pentium IV 1800
asus p4s333 mainboard sis645 chipset
plexwriter 40/12/40a latest firmware
aopen 52x cdrom player
os windows xp pro dutch
mem corsair xms 2700 ddr333 256mb

strange thing is when my bios starts it says 2 devices udma

my plextor is secondary master and my aopen cdrom is secondary slave.

when i check in systemmanager hardware at ide controllers it says pio mode.

Please help me out.

Tried wc3 to copy and got me a coaster due to this!

medium error which i searched at forum broughed me to pio and udma modes. checked it and yes pio it is but cannot be changed.

What is causing this problem?



This dropping of DMA for PIO mode seems to be a common problem due to a bug in WinXP.

The link at 12/10/32A went to PIO all of a sudden describes the problem and the fix. :wink: