PlexWriter 24x <---- need help!

I have recently brought a PlexWiter 24x (PXW241 i think)
The problem I am haveing with it is when I go to copy an audio CD the coppy becomes jitery for some reason, I have tryed both Nero and CloneCD, I have tryed many different types of CDs & audio cds and many differne read and write speeds, but I still get the same problem. I’m new to all this and Im not sure wot I am doing wrong?

Your help is much apreciated


Deus ex Machina

Distortion is most likely to come during the reading process, here`s some tips:

  • Always read to to image then burn (untick “on the fly”)

  • Select “jitter correction” while reading if not ghosted or try reading from another device.

  • Select “Abort on read errors”

Hello Deus EX…

Try to install a new Aspi driver.It`s a long time ago since i had those Errors but i fixed it with installing a new Aspi Layer.

My Plex 24-10-40 grabs a complete Audio CD(74 Min.) in 2:30 Min.
complete on HDD without errors.

Also my Thoshiba 1502 grabs without Errors in around 8-9 Min. a complete CD.

My Plextor is installed in my PC as a Master on the Secondary IDE Port,Toshiba is also installed as Master on the first IDE Port.

HDDs working on a Standalone UDMA Dawi-Control 100 Controller.

Grab a new Aspi-Layer from Adaptec ,if you cant find one ill send you some Url`s to download.

Bye,and good luck:)