Plexwriter 24/10/40a with 1.02 fw burn GTA3?

lo all.
i have a clonecd image of gta3 cd 2 here. i’ve burned it with 24x but the cd isn’t working!

is it possible to burn it with my toaster?

I burned this title with NO PROBLEM using standard Safedisk settings. :smiley:

please tell me the safedisk settings

Originally posted by Airw0lf
please tell me the safedisk settings

If you use the new clone cd 4 just use the default game profile.

If you are using previous versions,

Fast Error Skip: on (3 retries, software) [hardware for lite-ons]
Intelligent bad sector scanner: on
Read 4x
Write max
AWS: on (off for lite-ons)

There are many other people that have reported making a working back-up of GT3. Hope it works for you too :wink:

thx a lot
i’ll try it if I have cdrs :smiley: