Plexwriter 24/10/40A and Safedisc 2.8

I recently bought a couple of games…
These are
Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit 2
Fifa Football 2003
I want to make a back-up discs for these games
I thought I made it with Need For Speed
but with fifa 2003 the same method didn’t work.
I copy them with alcohol 120%
Searching a new way of back-up I found out that Need For Speed don’t work on my Sister’s PC (without Alcohol 120%)
The same happens if I uninstall Alcohol 120% to my PC
Please can Anyone HELP???
I don’t like discs needing emulation to play…

I don’t think your plexi can do safedisk 2.8 without some form of emulation. Some one correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that burner has any sheep to it’s credit.

plex 24 burner is a one sheep burner
it cant make a backup of safedisk 2.8.
it can maybe like using bypass EFM of alcohol or somesort
correct me anyone if i am wrong.

Originally posted by t111645
it can maybe like using bypass EFM of alcohol or somesort

Yes, this is the only non-emu option for one-sheep burners. EWS in Blindwrite and AWS in CloneCD.

Using this method I can make a back-up disc only for
Need For Speed
The same method doesn’t work with fifa 2003
Anything to advise me?

FIFA 2003 is SafeDisc 2.80.010

The same should apply - try again and get a working image (using D-Tools without emu)


What if I try to make a copy with one of these two:
Teac CD-W540E
Teac CD-W552E
These are burners of a friend of mine…
Is it legal to use his burner?

Help anyone?
Does anyone knows something for these drives?
I can find them in the safedisc killers list but…
Read these texts… I think that they can make a backup
Answer please…