PleXWriter 24/10/40 Owners please (Going crazy!)

Hi guys,
A few weeks ago I noticed the tray on my Plex makes a click when I push it in with my hand (not the load/eject button).
When I peek inside it I see a white stick thingy click against a squared sort of plastic bit on the runner on the side of the tray draw just at the start of when I load a CD into it. After the one click it goes fine after that.
Is this what yours does aswell

I KNOW ITS PARANOID, but I’m going crazy thinking about it.

Please guys can you tell me if yours does the same thing but I just didn’t notice before.

So does your Plex do this aswell

Please tell me so I can stop worrying :confused:
I don’t want anything to be wrong with it after all the $$$ I have spent on it
But if I send back for a service, do I still have to pay postage both ways?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:
:confused: :frowning:

theres two white pieces of plastic on both sides of the drive that move when you push the tray. I think thats how it knows that its being pushed in and when its opening where to stop the motor ray.

So in other words Master_Ice yours does that same ‘little click’ when the tary goes in aswell? (right at the start)

Thanks for reply 


Your room has to be PRETTY QUIET to hear. Eg. No loud music/noise etc…

 Anyone else like to add something ?

The one on the right hand side is the one that makes the click, when it passes that bended squared off bit.
Everyone’s the same or is mine loose?


My actually sounds my like a rattle (two or more clicks) not a click. I think as long as it is not a harsh sound its probably ok.

Wow talk about paranoid :stuck_out_tongue:

I checked with my PX-W1210A and it has the same ‘click’. There’s a white pin on the right side of the drive. Never noticed the click before but it’s there. Nothing to worry about I think :slight_smile:

Yeah its pretty paraniod eh. But just want to be absolutely sure cause I want it to last cause I paid so much for it.

So as G@M3FRE@K said about that pin on the side as it passes over the squared off bit on the your Plextor’s 24X tray click too?

Please be honest.

Thanks for putting up with this shit

No clicks here! On a Plex2410 + Plex1210a.

It would have been fun if we all could have decided before answering “Plexy” that we have a " Noclick" when shutting the tray.
Me think he would have gone Bananas then.
But…mecanical things make noises…mine 241040 also…as my 121032S…same click sound.

Before you wrote about it, I did´nt think about it!

But I like the way you worry ´bout your drive…

Merry X-mas everyone…

Originally posted by HotBlack
It would have been fun if we all could have decided before answering “Plexy” that we have a " Noclick" when shutting the tray. Me think he would have gone Bananas then.
LOL :smiley: I just received a Waitec MEGALUS drive and that one also makes a ‘click’…

Yeah, thats right guys go ahead and tease me! :slight_smile:

No seriously, G@M3FR3@K, does this “click” of yours happen on your 2410A? On the MAGALUS, does it have the same tray design of the PX-W2410A, if so does it do the “click” thing when that pin goes past the side of the tray?

Are yous sure you know what I’m on about? I’m not talking about the plastic gears chattering, (Click sound there?) Im talking about the white pin on the right side of my drive seems to be loose cause when it passes over the angled bit on the tray (just as soon as you push the tray) it then makes the ‘click’. I poked the right side pin with a scewer and its a bit loose, but the pin on the left side is tight, doesn’t move a bit,
so who knows whats going on.

BTW, thanks for the replys :wink:

:confused: :confused: :confused:

So you did notice the button conveniently placed near the tray?