Plexwriter 16/10/40A ... Can it burn GTA3?

Well just wondering if my Plextor drive can burn GTA3. I know gta 3 is protected by uhh SD2.51 or something like that. And contrary to popular belief i was able to create a perfect 1:1 working copy of Op flashpoint (SD2) when i burnt it using CloneCD 4. Just wondering if my burner can do SD 2 can it do SD 2.51 (the one that protects GTA3)?
And if so what programs should i use and on what settings?


Hmm I doubt it but you can of course try. Use CloneCD 4 and the Game Profile. This will enabled AWS for your writer and help it make a working back-up. The AWS feature works very well for Plextor writers but I don’t know if it will work for the 16x model. It works for the 24x and 40x though…

what is aws?

Please do some research before asking. We have tons of info on this forum… AWS is Amplify Weak Sectors and is a method to help your writer write the ‘weak’ SafeDisc 2 error sectors.

New CloneCD options explained

The CloneCD forum also has a lot of info on this.

oh ok…yes i know what the weak sectors are…just wasn’t familiar with that abbreviation. Thanx

No problem. Please let us know if your 16x Plex works with AWS…
Remember that when playing from the recorder you need to have ‘Hide CDR Media’ enabled in the CloneCD tray.