Plexwriter 121032S or 161032A

Well I’m having a small problem making the choice between one of those 2 plexwriters.
My configuration is a PIII 667, Adaptec 2940AU, CDRom plextor 12/20 plex.

Can anyone tell me if I should stick to SCSI or go for the (faster) IDE one ?

Depends on what and how many you want to copy.

I don’t know about the SD2 compatibility, which of the 2 supports it with what firmwares, but I personally prefer SCSI over IDE. (got the 12x scsi Burn Proof version myself)

As for the price, the IDE models are cheaper than the SCSI models. (and the SCSI adapter is no problem, you already have that one)

Simple: go for the 12x. The 16x cannot read SubChannel Data which is needed for CD-Text and some copyprotections. Both writers do not support SafeDisc 2. There are some exceptions for the 1210 version that can do it with FirmWare 1.4, but most can’t.

If you’re not going to use it to back-up protected discs you could go for the 16x version… but I would still prefer the 12x.

Isn’t my 12/20 Plex able to read subchannel data ?

I could buy something else (some other drives below) but I wouldn’t know what. All info is welcome.

Also a dealer told me the Princo recorders PR121032S and PR121032A as well as the PR161040 are the same as the plextor models.
The same would be true for the Lite-On writers, but on the CloneCD page is saying that the Burn proof on the Lite-On drives is incompatible with CloneCD.
Does anyone have any more (correct) info on these drives.

I don’t know if the Plex1220 CD-ROM can read it…

I do have some advise for you: the ACER burners can write everything, but they lack in reading abilities. If you can afford it you could use a different unit for reading linke the TOSHIBA SD-M1502 DVD which can read everything. These two can practically back-up all CD’s…

A good resource for CD-writer features is the CloneCD Hardware Requirements

Here are the features that are important:

[li]Best Supported Write Mode: DAO-RAW96
[/li][li]Buffer under run Technology: YES
[/li][li]Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns: YES (for SafeDisc 2)
[/li][li]Best supported Read Mode for Data: RAW+96
[/li][*]Best supported Read Mode for Audio: RAW+96[/ul]Hope I’ve informed you enough. Goodluck!

Thanks for the info … I now have some food for thought

GO FOR SCSI its always the best!!!
I used it before it takes a load of the CPU unlike IDE