Plexutilities did not find new firmware for my 880

Have the newer 24x 880 internal. Have Plexutilities updated. It did not find the 1.03 firmware update. Kept telling me no new update available but I had 1.00. I had to d/l and install 1.03 manually.

Something missing or not updated with Plexutilities?

these new utilities did not recognize my PX 870A, it seems this software is outdated, and so is plextor… to be is just a manufacturer with a name but not quiality, my suggestion stay away from fake unreliable companies like plextor and pioneer

If I had seen the actual Lite-on version of this drive I probably would have picked it up over the Plextor. However I’m not quite ready to trash this drive because its a rebadged Lite-On.