Plextors, Yamaha crw f1 how they compare to cheaper burners

:DPlextors, Yamaha crw f1, esp the Yamaha, my friend who a Tech had a box of the external version, was asking too much.

I ended up getting a new Pioneer DVD-219L, great for burning, first burn perfect, i mean didnt fail or anything:bow:, used 8x and it got $25 new from the computer store here in AU

love to hear what ur thoughts are on the devine burners:clap:

The prextor premium and the yamaha F1 were the best cd-r burners out there for many years.
In some cases they still are, but i personally would consider getting one if the price was right, otherwise i would stick with a new dvd/bd burner, and invest my money on good media.

thanks Vroom, i used Taiyo media, seen used F1s on ebay going for 100+ still. Bit risky getting used burner.