Plextor's VariRec / Twinpeaks



So basically I just would like to see CloneCD incorporate this(these?) functions directly into CloneCD:

There are methods of burning CD’s with some drives with thing called TwinPeaks which gives more better 1:1 copy of protected discs. Also there are Plextor’s Premium drive supporting it’s own feature called VariRec and that is so far best know thing when wanting to do most perfect 1:1 copy of disc.

But those things needs so much tweaking and so on to get working… So now I wonder that could these ‘tweaks’ be incorporated into CloneCD directly?

More info about these funtions alltogether is found around cdfreaks forum, here is some: and

Basically both says that generally best combination would be CloneCD + some TwinPeak tool and best one is (shamefully) BlindWrite + BWTweaker + Plexwriter Premium and its VariRec function.