Plextors + Toshibas

I normally use my Plextor 708A to do a backup of Movies(dvddecrypt/dvdrb/cce) without much issue and so am relatively new to backing up cd’s esp game cd’s. Following philambers v.good guide on SecuROM v-4.8 and clonecd I did a copy of LOTH:WOTR using the clonecd/.bwa file/twinpeak method. The copy turned out fine and will run from my Plextor 708A writer and my Tosh SD-M-1212 DVD-Rom. So I am curious as to why at the bottom of philambers guide he seems to suggest that if someone states that copies done using the above method work on Plextors and Toshiba’s this amounts to misinformation. I’m not trying to disagree with him I’m just curious as to why this is. Are Plextors and Toshibas known to be difficult when it comes to copying cd’s.