Plextors reaction on the SafeDisc 2 issue



I just posted the article Plextors reaction on the SafeDisc 2 issue.

Some days ago I promised an answer of Plextor regarding the SafeDisc 2 issue. Today I received an explanation. I received a pretty long mail from Plextor’s Engineering Manager and I’ve translated…

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I have my 8x plextor for over a year now and i am pretty happy with it.What’s the reason to get a faster writer? Just to save 5 min.? :)Greetings


When i used Philips and Yamaha burners i had coaster after coaster. Not so since i use a Plextor. Now if the burner supports RAW or not, i dont care, i will continue to buy those great burners.


I can’t believe he ends with the “bad name” statement. From all my readings, Cd Freaks raves & raves about how dependable & spectacular Plextor is. It is the reason I have 3 Plextor drives - all SCSI. While on the defense about getting tangled up in our web of backing up Cd’s (which is totally fair, needed & legal) I am sorry that he wasn’t able to see how much Cd Freaks actually promotes & raves about Plextor drives. It was good of him to pay attention to our questions.


Quote: "RAW writing is a technology that is not officially supported by Plextor, when it works on Plextor drives, then it’s luck…something that works for 90% is not officially supported by Plextor. " Well PLextor your drive doesnt support RAW, a technology you acknowledged and who are you guys to decide what the USER does with this drive? Are you copying CD’s or are we? You guyz put out something that does work only 90% of its potential… It doesnt write RAW… There is something wrong when standards dictate that the CD is supposed to written a certain way (Ex start/end sectors on a CD, subchannel info etc)and your drives seem not capable of doing this… “Plextor has always been concentrated on the niche market: professional and semi professional users, who demand high quality, speed and durability.” I dont think any more professional users will be interested in this one when other drives are capable of doing a perfect copy… Lame Excuse if you ask me…


I’ve had not very good experiences in the past with plextor drives…let’s me to explain: the first time i’ve ordered 3 12/20 SCSI reader drivers, some years ago, 2 of them arrived broken… so i had to send them back for other two, the third after 6 months had problem also so i sent it back too. Because i could not wait for the substitution i bought a new plextor reader 32X SCSI…well i installed it and…it was already broken!!! so I changed it again to the shop where i got it with a new one and i didn’t have any more problem regarding this unit. One of the two drives that i changed because broken when arrived, had problem again so i sent it back again…to fix the problem. Mreover all the 12/20 SCSI readers i’ve always tryed had problem reading cdrw…i had to set the maximum speed at 4… I don’t know if i was really unlucky with plextor but for sure i’ve stopped to buy plextor’s product! They have anyway a REALLY big assistence, they always reply to e-mails and change difective drive but… i sincerilly expected more “reliable” drives… Just to let you I’ve been buying TEAC products…(drive 1 512s scsi 32X, 3 ide 40x, and cdr 3 cdr: 1 55s, 56s, 58s,) I NEVER had any problem with them! I know cdrs don’t support raw, but…i can backup sf2 with my cheap philips ide cdr.


If plextors atitude is that RAW is luck, and Yammaha now supports RAW, then FUCK PLEXTOR. We dont buy drives for the badge, we buy them to do a specific job. PAY ATENTION PLEXTOR/YAMAHA - SCSI is the best interface, and we need ALL modes of writing,official or not. yamaha now support RAW because they know the buisiness they lost to plextor. Plextor on the other hand supply the UltraPLEX 40MAX to the u.s. with a Ultra-Wide SCSI option,but not to the rest of the world. I THINK PLEXTOR IS BORED WITH BUSINESS,AND WOULD RATHER COMPETE WITH $99 CRAP FROM PEOPLE LIKE CREATIVE. BY-BY PLEXTOR, BEEN NICE KNOWING YOU.


LOL, Dark-Shadow


Lame asses, PLEX rulez My 8/20T rocks, all formats, all cdr’s, get a grip, dont patronize Plextor. No one is has come close to the 8/20T… So get one and shut up :d


I have a Plexwriter 8432 I don’t think that Plextor say us the “real” truth . I’am sorry but the next recorder that i will be must to have 100% RAW writing. Plextor must to change this actions. Plextor :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I just ordered up the parts for a computer i am building for someone. I was sure that I would order a plextor drive (I own 3 myself) till I saw this topic the other day. Ordered the Yamaha 16x instead. :4


To Dominator I know much more about Plextor, but i email it to you personally, so you can decide what to publish in the forum.


I was ready to buy a plex to backup my games and now after reading this I decided to better stay away :frowning: I think I ll go for a yammie :9


Note that for now also Yamaha doesn’t report about RAW writing: is their 16x model… I don’t know where the message that Yamaha DOES support RAW writing comes from. And with support I mean, they officially state it somewhere…


That’s not the way, Plextor… You must give the consumers what they want… The first company to offer a good 100% RAW writing recorder will rule.


I have never posted before,but have been an avid reader for some two years,i have so far owned 4 plextor drives,and i must say all of them have bean faultless,with the exception of SD2,and so i decided to try the new Acer12/8/32.I might add i use a Toshiba to do the reading,but for all you Plex fans,this so called crap drive has so far done 500 discs in 4 months,SD2 included with only two coasters,so my point is Plex may have been the king,but the rest have not only caught up with the best,they are positively racing ahead,and it appears to me that Plextor are relying on old loyalties rather than producing the drives that we all want


>> For CD Freaks visitors this will mean that there is no reason to NOT buy Plextor drives, cause, and many of you HAVE to agree on this, they really make good drives. This used to say they really make the best drive. Sorry Plextor you’ve went down hill. I used to recommend the PlexWriters, no more. :frowning:


So Pleaxtor don’t want to support anything that could suggest their drives are used for illegal copying :slight_smile: get real Plextor if you end up with a situation where all new Plextor drives will no longer copy any protected CD’s then you will disappear into oblivion, nobody will buy a drive that has limitations and I started buying Plextor drives after discovering that they were the best, this is sadly no longer the case so TA TA Plextor it was nice knowing you…


Ok - I know there are already a lot of postings on this but I’d just like to add something: Official standards take years to be implemented and by the time they are officially released they are outdated and new standards are being set. Plextor’s comment about only sticking to firmly set standards is basically a case of Plextor saying they will only support technology that is several years old. They are basically digging their own grave with this policy. If they are for professional users as they claim then they should be setting and creating standards, not waiting for old ones to be made official. Secondly - I dont know where Plextor get their facts from but copying of Games to make personal backup’s is legal and so by not supporting the RAW mode they are not giving us the power to do something we are fully legally entitled to do. They are asking to loose business. Also - what if in the future copying of certain protected CD’s became legal?? No one wants a drive that is no longer worth anything because limitations were put on it when it was made. This is a pointless arguement. They should be giving us all the power they possibly can, not hiding behind laws as an excuse for not providing features. The same goes with the 90 Minute and 99 minute CD’s. By not supporting them plextor is just giving the users a reason to go to a cheaper brand that is putting the time and effort into researching new standards and supporting them as and when they come out, not waiting for them to become official and basically lagging a year or two behind the technology. At the end of the day, who would buy a performance sports car that was physically capped to only reach the maximum speed limit of that country. The car company could argue that there was no reason to ever go faster than this because it was illegal to do so. At the end of the day no one would care, they’d just stop buying the car. I do own a Plextor and it does work well, I have had few coasters with it. I also used to recommend them to all my friends. I will however next time probably not buy one and will look for a company that is keeping up to date with current technology and providing support for it along with all known formats and standards - whether they are official or not.


Hi Everyone, Like one of the above answears get the 820T using Firmware v1.08 or v.1.03 and use Clone and be happy happy happy. The one thing Plextor does best is that i can use and brand of media and don’t have to worry about getting coasters but it is still best to use a good grade of media. And of course Plextor is not the only store in town anymore so there loss will be some elses gain and they are losing customers because all of us who bought Plextor helped them get where they are today. So when my 820T takes a dump i will be looking for some other brand unless they get with the program and give the customer what they want. Happy Burning.