Plextor's MVP 2000 Playlist Problem

I recently installed an older Plextor CD Burner (PX-W1210TSe 12/10/32S) on a Win98(se) box along with Plextor’s MVP 2000 player software, version

Before connecting to Gracenote’s CDDB, the “open playlist” icon worked. However, after connecting to the CDDB and retrieving song info, the icon stopped working and info about the song currently playing is only displayed in a crawl that scrolls across the top of the player’s window.

The software has no options to disable/enable the playlist icon.

I’ve tried deleting and renaming cdplayer.ini to see if that makes a difference. It doesn’t.

The registry has some keys for the player:
HKey_Users \ DEFAULT \ Software \ Plextor Corp \ Plextor Manager 2000 \ Player \ Settings:
But changing the following settings from 0 to 1 had no effect:

Maybe this setting would work, but it looks like it’s the order of the last songs played?
PlaylistXY 0x01460003(21364739)

Is there a fix for this or is it a bug in the program?