Plextor's 716A vs. NEC's 3520A



Okay, I know, it’s the eternal question, sorry to bother you with such trivial stuff, but here it goes: what DL-DVD burner should I buy? I have to choose between Plextor’s 716A and NEC’s 3520A. So, if you were to buy a new burner, which one of these two would you go for? (Or is it NEC’s 3500A that’s better than both?) Let’s say that the $30 difference should not weigh too much in the decision (though it shouldn’t be completely ignored…).

Thanks for any replies. :bow:


I have a plextor 708 and it’s been great.I paid a load for it when it came out but I have no complaints due to its durability.You can get the 3520 at zipzoomfly for $63 ship’t.That plextor is rarely under $100.Now,the plextor does have a 2 year warranty on it so that’s a plus.I purchased a 3520 for $67 and I have not had any complaints so far.The 3500 was a good drive but newer things eventually come along(3520).it all depends on what you think.Go to
CDRInfo or CDRLabs and you pretty much see what the reviewers think.They’re both good drives.


Don’t forget CDFreaks. Just click “Reviews” at the top of this page.:wink:


If you don’t need the bells and whistles in the 716, then go with the NEC 3500. 3520 is okay, too. Save the extra money toward a better burner in 2 to 3 years. My 3500 puts out better burns than my 712.