Plextor820t & cdtext

Is there anyone who can tell me if this burner can write cdtext?
Plextor site, says no, PLextools says yes, I tried but the result was Invalid parameter.
Anyone knows?

The burner supports RAW-DAO, right?

Then, cd-text should not be any problem, at least not when using that mode

Infact, Raw Dao is supported, but it seems that only clonecd (I tested Nero and Plextools 1.18) seems to be able to write cd-text correctly. Strange…

So Nero does not write cdtext correctly even in raw-dao mode? That is weird…do you use the latest Nero?

I tried to write cd making a compilation. Nero says this burner doesn’t support cdtext. May be I’m doing something wrong. I have nero
Greetings and thanks for your interest.
Ps: not a great problem, since Clonecd write it well. I’ll make anothe test tomorrow.

I think I know the problem:

There is a way to ask the writer what it can do, which Nero probably does. The writer responds: “TAO, SAO, RAW-DAO, no cd-text…” and so on.
However, some of these answers only apply to DAO mode.

When using raw-dao, the writer does not need to “support” cd-text (unless i’m totally confused now). But Nero can of course even then claim that the writer doesn’t “support” it. It would be true, but it would not be a reason not to do it…this would be a bug in Nero

The only program which can write cd-text among the ones I have tried is Clonecd. With Nero and Plextools(v.1.18) my burner failed.
With Nero before burning the cd the program says “cd text not supported” or something similar, with Plextools it gives the error"Invalid parameter"but with ccd absolutely no problem.
Ps: the nice thing is that, on the contrary of Nero Plextools says, in device capabilities Cdtext supported(reading and writing):slight_smile:

I forgot where I read it, but the old 820 and 8220 had problems with CDText. I used to have one, so I remember looking it up at that time.


If these problems are well known, then this would be one more reason for Nero to use raw-dao mode when writing cd-text, instead of refusing to write cd-text at all.
(Only with firmware version higher than: 1.07; if you have an older firmware, you have to update it first)

Run Feurio.
Old Plextors had problem to write CD-Text correctly.
When you start Feurio CD-Writer it will probably explain exactly the problem.

Here it’s a google translation from German from that page. The program will explain it in English, let us know what it says:

“Note: With CD text burned with this Writer CDs is not sometimes CD text with all CD text CD Player correctly readably. Some Sony and Kenwood CD Player do not indicate the CD text correctly. Whether this is a problem of the Writers or the CD Players, could not be clarified yet. Fact is however that, if accurately same CD text the data with another CD burner were burned, the CDs are correctly readable - it seems to be thus an error of the Writers. In other CD Playern the CDs is however correctly readable (inclusive CD text), thus that those the CD Player at least a partial responsibility meets. ASSUMPTION: We assume the Writer the data write not 100% correctly (e.g. a too high block error rate), some Player possibly better error correction mechanisms and could do the data therefore to read - some not. Whether now however the block error rate of the Writer lies over the permitted Maximialwert (and thus the Writer the “guilty one” is), or the error correction of the CD Players too is “bad”, we cannot clarify with our means unfortunately! The audio TRACKS are however correctly playable! Note: This problem does not arise - in particular with short CDs or little CD text data are mostly readable the CDs. However if many TRACKS become or long CD text of texts burned, the probability sinks that the CD von Sony or Kenwood CD Player is correctly read! Note 2: This is defintiv NO software fault - like above described, the CD readable is correct, if the same data with another Writer are written! We get from time to time Mails how: “however if I burn the CDs with the program xyz, go it” - as mentioned above, the CDs is partial readable. With increasing size of the CD Text data sinks however the chance, which the Player the data can read correctly. We determined the following: ACCURATE THE SAME data with another software are burned (here in particular on the switch: “interpreter also in titelfeld burning” respect!) The CD text data are likewise NOT READABLE”