Plextor716A Slow burning



I recently installed a 716A but the burn time for 4.7GB is in excess of 90 minutes. I have read the fourm and DMA is set ultra DMA for the 716A but the DVD ROM is set to DMA 2. My experience so far is burning an edited digital video (Not from DVD ROM) which took for ever. I have cable select enabled and device manager shows 716A as master. The burn was good and worked ok on my DVD but obiously there is some thing wrong. I had it originally installed as slave but when the slow burn problem arose I reinstalled it as master (end of IDE cable) but did not cure the problem. Can anyone offer me guidance on how to proceed from here to bring the 716A to its proper performance level. ANy help will be much appreciated.
My system is Dell P4 1.8GHz and 512RAM
Thank You


Please clarify:

  • Do you have 80 pin IDE cable (the ones with Blue-Gray-Black pins)? If not use the cable that came with your plextor. The black pin must be installed to the motherboard, the blue to master (plextor) and the grey to slave (other ODD).
  • Set the jumper on the back of your plextor to Master.
  • Unplug the DMA jumper on the back of your plextor.
  • restart.

Let us know what is the DMA mode in the device manager. The drive should be in Ultra DMA Mode 2, or UDMA mode 4. Click here to troubleshoot DMA:

For example, I put my PX-716a in master and BenQ in slave, both in secondary IDE channel. Here’s a snapshot.