I am looking at getting a new CD_RW and have looked at a lot of
different ones. I keep going back to the Plextor (PX W4824TA).
It cost a lot more than most of the other drive, but is it “worth”
the extra money.

you better spend some extra cash and go for the plextor premium
premium has no problems with todays copy protections and have some nice other features.
if you dont wanna spend that much a better option would be the Asus CRW5224A.

with the new premium drive on the market i can’t think off an reason why you want a plextor 48 speed.

Thanks for the information, will look into the two other units.
Thanks again

I agree with Maelstrom on the Premium part. I have a 241040A and did not see a need to upgrade for the extra speed of the 40 & 48 drives. The Premium changed my mind for two reasons. One, it is a two sheep burner and two, the features it has over a regular Plextor.

I would also go for the Premium drive…