is it necessary that there is a forum
about plextor writers
what does this mean that it is such a
bad writer well buy a other mark

Heheh lol, such a bad writer… I think (at least) 90% of the people here will disagree with you! Sure some people had problems with the drives (like you did?) but that happens with all CD-RW brands. I’ve had my Plextor PX-W1210A for over a year now and it has never let me down so far… I still love it :slight_smile:

I guess there are more questions about Plextor burners because the buyers of these drives are mostly people that want to spend more money on a very good drive, and do more with it then just simple backing up their hard drive.

But if you want to do more, you have to learn, and when you learn you make mistakes, this forum is there to reduce them.

Plextor bad ???

My little boy (7 years) is still using my old Plextor 6Plex and Plexwriter PX-R412c.

the more information you can get…

Bad ??
Don’t call my little baby’s bad ! :slight_smile:
See my system.
Everything works AMAZING :slight_smile:
Top speed burning
3 writers a the same time at 12 speed is no problem :slight_smile: