Did anyone ever had a problem with the plextor? We tried two and somtimes they dont burn properly, also tried two different types of cd’s some times they work on some cd players, sometimes not, instead of setup icons you get a dos icon. On some machines, anyone knows why?

I have the Plextor PX R820T.
Plextor is normally the best.
Have burned more than 500 cd’s with no coasters.
Maybe you’ve to install Windows again ?
Which software you use ?
Which Plextor you have ?

Perhaps your “burning progs” have been screwed up . Plextor has indeed one of the best burners there are .Try to RE-INSTALL windows . Who knows .
If you use several progs it is possible they give conflicts .Maybe your settings aren’t whright .

Im using the plextor 8x/4x/32x IDE, using the latest Nero. and reintalled win98SE, this isnt the 1st plextor ive seen happened, dont get it?

Plextor is one of the best writers on the market. If your serious about your burring you realy should go SCSI, The PX-820TS CDR is good.
Try going to and geting the latest firmware update 1.07 this will improve your chances of creating a successful burn! Good Luck