Plextor works sometimes?

Howdy all i wont to ask if annybody knows why my plextor
works with cdrWin burning cue-bin images and not with nero
it is like nero cant find the burner!!

I have a amd T-Bird 1000mh/z
ibm harddrive 45gb ata100
asus v6600 agp deluxe
3com nic
pioneer 16x dvd
2x128 ram pc133 cas2 mosel
PLEXTOR 12-10-32 IDE

only works with cdrWin???

Nero doesn’t support cue/bin files i guess
they use their own format *.nrg
that’s why you can’t burn cue/bin files with nero

i did not mean that i was trying to burn cue/bin files with nero but it is whatever i try with nero
nero dont work with my plextor
mybe nero burns totaly difrnt than cdrWin i mean uses the system in a difrent way?

is your burner recognized by nero?
try to use the latest version of nero, wich can be downloaded @

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When a program doesn’t recognize the burner it can be that the software is older than your burner.
In this case you should get an update so you burner will be supported.

Check the official site of nero ( for more information on which version supports which burners.

Your writer is supported by NERO. So either your version is old or your drivers aren’t up-to-date

nero finds my burner and everything is fine but cant burn in nero
dont find the cd
sometimes i can change the cd-r and yhen it finds it
but the cd-r is perfectly good it works in cd-rWin

this problem is something advanced

i am not new to this
could it be the Via-chipset???
or mybe the bussmaster???

i don’t think so
perhaps you should download the latest aspi drivers from
don’t know if this wil help you becuz i also have a plextor burner and a7v mb en tbird, and i have no problems with all that stuf

The version of Nero you are trying to use may be OEM and will only support one brand of burner (not plextor) or like the others have said it is to old to support you Plex.

Why not download the new Nero 5.5 from one of the links (cdr-warez) on the CDFREAKS main page.