Plextor Wireless Adapter

Not for optical drives but for your monitor.

The world around us changes so fast when it comes to technology. There was a day all Plextor made was CD-ROM drives. Times changed and CD-RW drives came into the mix. Next there were DVD-ROM and DVD-RW drives. Then Plextor switched gears and released video capture equipment, network attached storage products and shock proof hard drives. Plextor has kept evolving as they have now released a wireless projector adapter and added this new product to their line. Plextor recently offered the wireless projector adapter to us for a review and after about two seconds of thought I agreed.

A wireless network is capable of transmitting large amounts of data, but Plextor states that the PX-PA15AW can only produce “Up To 15FPS”. This is not due to the network speed, but rather the processor that converts the wireless signal to actual video. For PowerPoint and some animations the wireless projector adapter did a fantastic job. If you’re dreaming of wirelessly broadcasting video, fast animations or Winamp visualizations, you’ll be a little disappointed. The device cannot play back video smoothly even when you choose 800x600 and 16-bit color.

Seems a little lacklustered to me. I mean 15fps @ 800x600 in 16bit colour.