Plextor - Which drives to keep - PX-708A vs PX-716AL?

Hi all

I am having a clear out and trying to decide which of my Plextor drives to keep. I wondered if anyone has any experience/knowledge of the two models I have (PX-708A and PX-716AL) and if so what the main difference are and which one would be best to keep?

At the moment I mainly use my drives for ripping. But in the future I hope to use them to burn CDs from the music I record.

Many thanks


The 716AL burns dual layer dvd’s too.
The 708A does not.
The 716AL is a faster writer and most likely reader too.
There’s no reason to keep the 708A between the two.

Apart from that, the 716AL has Q-Check quality measurement function which 708A does not have. Keep 716AL

The PX-708A was a good drive for audio extraction, probably significantly better than the PX-716 when it comes to scratched discs.

Double check your 708 - if it is a PX-708A[B]2[/B] then [U]it can scan[/U] (PX-712A hardware inside). I can’t recall for sure if it mentions it on the label, but I’m pretty sure they are identified by that name in firmware.

Another consideration - like all slot-loading drives the PX-716AL can scratch discs. It is the best designed slot-loader I’ve come across and doesn’t use rollers like most. But any hard particles on the felt lips will scratch discs.

But if you do decide to discard the PX-708A, don’t bin it. There are some of us left who would be delighted to give it a good home.