Plextor Warrenty

Just got another PX 716A in with 1.02 firmware, it was taking quite awhile to load up dvd 9’s and in some cases would not even read them at all, so i flashed to 1.06 and still have same probs. I have uninstalled the ide channel, manually detached the ide then rebooted and reinstalled, i have swithced it from master to slave and nothing has worked. For some reason when i insert a dvd 9, the drive keeps wanting to spin up to read but then it keeps restarting. It picks up CD’s and DVD R’s fine. Will plextor take this back after i have flashed it? Does anyone know of anyother way to try to fix this problem? Thanks

Funny, i put in the same disc 10 times and it starts up 7 out of 10. I have another PX 716 and the disc starts 10 out of 10. this happens with every dvd 9 i put in. All dvd 5’s (even booktyped DVD Rom) and all cd’s load every time. WHAT IS UP with that?

When you flash with original plextor firmware you dont lose your warranty…