Plextor w4012Ta (40x12x40



Does anybody know if this drive supports 90 and 99 min CD-r's?
And what about copyprotections? Or is the Lite On LTR40125S better?


Just wait a while till our review is finished and you will see the prove. But these are the results for the 90 and 99 minutes tests:

[li]The drive is capable of burning around 94 minutes on a 99min cdr.
[/li][li]CD bussinesscard is no problem for this Plextor

For copy protections read more in our review, when it’s finished it will be announced on the mainpage.


If your interested in burning 99 minute CD-R’s and defeating most DATA protections the Lite-On writer is better at the moment. However the Plextor does cut AUDIO protections better than the Lite-Ons do. It’s up to you to decide what you value most.