Plextor W124TS v1/06 firmware

I just posted the article Plextor W124TS v1/06 firmware.

Submitted by: WaKkO

The PX124TS can now read the overburned part of the cd, a problems which all plextor CDR drives have.

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With this Plextor have solved a lot of problem

*Added: Reading of overburned discs

Never had problems with that, oh well I’ll update :stuck_out_tongue:

uhmm… Onga bonga?


now lets see If they fix the problem with the overburn reading with the rest of the Plextor products.

Agree with Rol. I have the 8432 model, what about a fix for it? Geez…

Does this writer supports RAW-writing? If it does, I think it’s the best writer there is.

Yes, it does

That’s the reason i bought it: It’s one of the best.

Well, in fact.
There’s a better model.

The Plextor 32x/12x/10x :stuck_out_tongue:

Just bought it, it goes fast like hell.

I have the firmware V1.02
When I want to go to this version (1.06) do I have to go through the other versions first? Or canI go to 1.06 directly

You can upgrade straight to 1.06.

By the way, I think the Plextor 32x/12x/10x is only better for its Burn-Proof capabilities compared to the Plex124TS.

In 7 months of owning it I’ve not done one single CD-RW (CD-R’s are so cheap ;-)) and I believe that the SCSI interface is a lot more reliable than the IDE of the 12x10x32.

Maybe a future firmware will implement Burn-Proof for the 12x4x32, unless Burn-Proof actually requires extra hardware controlers ???.. let me know.


I read the 12/10/32 SCSI burner is set for a release next month