Plextor vs Liteon

Well people have provided me with some good feedback. But if I’m going to back up both PC and PS1 games and make music CDs should I go with the Yamaha F1, Plextor 40x or the Liteon 48x?

If you guys are using these writers I figure you know best.


Plextor and Yamaha got music covered.

PSX games, all of em can do.

As for pc, Lite-On is the best, Yamaha and Plextor can only do up to like the SD2 for Red Alert, games like MOHAA they can’t do without BetaBlocking, thus not a perfect copy.

Yamaha give you that feature to create master quality audio CDs, which seems dumb when we usually create from 128/192kbps MP3s, the disc labeling feature, which again seems dumb, as I got those light green CD-Rs and when I tried it, I don’t see anything unless I squint.

Plextor gives you awesome reading of games, CDs, and definitely audio, protected and normal. Its real quiet too, I’m not sure if the 40x got Mt Rainer yet.

If there is a protection capable of being copied, Lite-On can do it. It got Mt Rainer, and if you got the 48126S you can overclock to 52x24x52x as soon as that firmware goes out. As for the 48126S, not sure about 48125W, it can burn crappy $8 for 50pk CD-Rs at 48x without errors. Only thing I got to say about it is that it is its sorta noisy, compared with the Plextor at reading, and its loud on spin-ups and spin-downs regardless of wats it doing.

Your choice.