Plextor .v. Lite-On 40x

I’ve owned 2 Plextors over The years One 8x And One 16x
The 16x I Use daily And Never Gives me Any Problems
So I Thought Its About Time to Upgrade to A 40x Writer

So A Special Offer Came Up In My Local Shop
Lite-On 40x For £41.00 Uk

  1. So i Bought It
  2. Tried It For 3 Hours
  3. Removed It Returned To Shop

I Installed The Drive On The Same Channel Replacing My x16
Booted Up Pc Fine , Found Drive No Problems ,
Tried Eject Button No joy , The F*er Would’nt Open
Manually Ejected Tray Using Pin Method .
No Power At All To The Tray ???
So Tried Every Power Cable And Every IDE Cable i Could Get My Hands On … Still No Joy

Got Really Angry And Returned Drive …
Got Refund No Problems As Its Still Within 7 Days

My Question Is Do I Try another Lite-On Drive Or Stick To A Plexor x40
Even Thou Its Around £55 Uk Extra ???
I Mainly burn VCD’s And Mp3’s To CD Audio


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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Llama71
[B]I’ve owned 2 Plextors over The years One 8x And One 16x
The 16x I Use daily And Never Gives me Any Problems
So I Thought Its About Time to Upgrade to A 40x Writer

Well, over here you can get Plex 40s for 115$ after rebate from plextor. (must be getting ready for the 48-24-48). I have a plex 40x now and 16x. I also have a liteoff 24-10-40 in a second computer if i need to use it. But really if i had to do it again, I should of just keep my old 16x plex and saved the money that was burning a hold in my pocket. (it burns faster but whats 60 secs?) As for copyprotections… i got a bad feeling that very soon you will not be able to copy games for back ups.:frowning:
But as for your question, and you have money to burn, get the light-on and keep you old plex 16 for the reader (if you need it)

Plextor 40X


  • Can handle audio protections
  • Quality and nice design (ok that’s a personal opinion)
  • VariRec / PoweRec II
  • Works well with CloneCD’s AWS
  • Good tech support


  • Cannot fully overburn to 99 mins (only to about 94 mins)
  • Correct EFM Encoding of regular bit patterns not supported so it needs AWS (see above) for SafeDisc 2.51 and up.
  • PX-W4012A is limited to 24X recording with audio and in DAW-O-RAW
  • No Mt. Rainier support

Lite-On 40X


  • Correct EFM Encoding of regular bit patterns supported
  • Can fully overburn
  • Overclockable to 48X (see Lite-On forum)
  • Can fully overburn
  • Mt. Rainier support (after firmware upgrade)
  • Faster writer because it uses P-CAV (after firmware upgrade)
  • Cheap


  • Cannot handle audio protections
  • Some media is not compatible with the speed the Lite-On uses (eg. it will write many discs at full speed and some discs cannot handle that)
  • Support is not as goos as Plextor’s

That about sums it all up. Both drives are great and they both have their negative and positive points. It’s up to you to decide which feature is more important.

Thx For The Response Guys
There’s Not Much Difference When I Look At Your Answers
So I Think I Will Wait Untill Plextor Bring Out A Faster Burner
And The Price Comes Down For The 40x.

As I’ve Had Both In My Hands And The Plextor’s Build Quality
Is Far Superior To The Lite-On’s , As It Was Really Lighter
And Much Shorter The The Plex ,
So Thx Again For Your Answers
Dig (Aka Llama71)
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why wait? you can pick up a liteon 40x for approx 40-50$ USD, oc it to 48x and if you wana upgrade later … you can do that aswell

the plexxy is nice… but $115 for a 40-48x right now seems ludicrous to me when you can get one for half the price (UNLESS you’re going to be using the extra features, i.e. audio reading capabilities)

Hello Everyone, I’m new here.
I have a Plextor 121032A. It’s a 12x burner I mostly use it to burn vcd’s, it’s been great and has not produced a single coaster in all the time I’ve had it, but I’ve realized that it take over 7 minutes to burn a full 700MB disk.
I’ve just recently purchased a 40x Plextor and have started reading here about the cool stuff you can do with the Lite-on’s. I have not yet opened the new plex and I’m thinking if it’s worth keeping?
Plextor just announced their new 48x burner and it seems that though I just received my new 40x Plextor it’s already outdated. That plus I’m reading that it’s very finicky when it come to the media being used, the restrictions that are present in the drive such as burning speed and CD protections it cannot effectively backup. It seems more and more that the Lite-on’s have more going for them though the quality and size of buffer on the Plextor keep me from asking for an RMA just yet. Can anyone here offer a recommendation wether it’s worth the money to upgrade. By the way cost is also a factor. The plextor cost twice as much as the lite-on but the lite-on can be OC’d.
Also distressing is that the release for the new Plex 48x states support for more media, does that mean my burner will be limited to the media it can support now?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re used to 7 minutes burning then it won’t really be a problem when some media cannot be written at full speed. When people say that the Plextor is picky with media then they’re indeed true. The Plextor 40X will only write certain types of media at full speed while the Lite-On will just write most media at full speed. That’s the biggest difference in my opinion: the Lite-On focuses on speed while the Plextor focuses on quality. I have both a Lite-On 48X writer and two Plextor 40X writers and they both have they’re strong points. The difference between 40X writing and 24X or 32X writing isn’t a whole lot with the Plextor recorders because they use the Z-CLV write method. This means the disc is divided into write zones and 40X isn’t reached until the last zone. The difference between 24X writing and 40X will only be about a minute or so. But the choice is of course entirely yours. You could get both since the Lite-On drives are really dirt cheap at the moment. The Plextor PX-W4824A drive is perhaps also worth waiting for but if I were you I would wait for some reviews of the drive first. This 48X Plextor will also have ultra speed re-writing (24X) which is a great advantage if you often use CD-RW discs. One thing to keep in mind is that the Plextor PX-W4012A version you have is limited to 24X audio recording (again to maintain quality). So unfortunately there’s no easy answer to your question. You have to make up your own mind and ask yourself what the important things are for you. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice :bow:
I’ve decided to get the RMA and return the Plextor and buy the Lite-on.

It was a tough decision but ultimately the factors against the Plextor were:

  1. Cost double for their 40x drive compared to most other 40x drives.
  2. The Lite-on is capable of being over-clocked.
  3. The Plextor is picky when it comes to burning media at full speed
  4. Plextor just announced their 48x drive, which supports a wider range of media
  5. The new Plextor 48x drive will be able to rewrite at 32x
  6. The Lite-on can backup a wider range of copy protections
  7. According to the Plextor does not even come up in the top 10 for speed.
  8. In the same page the “LiteOn LTR-48125W is number 5 in the overall Top 10 (read performance) and 2nd in the write speed table”
  9. I still have my Plextor 12x for writing “quality” cd’s though this may not be necessary

Do you think I am misleading myself? These all seem like genuine reasons for not staying with the Plex 40x

I think you have made the right decision. Just think if even in 12 months time the litey claps out(highly unlikely), you will be able to go down to the local computer store and buy another liteon burner and still have paid less that one plextor.
cheers :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

just about to build me a new comp. I do a lot of ripping with EAC so would I be better off getting the plex? would the 401240 be worth buying or should I go for the new one? Thing is I also want DVD if possible, so anyone know a good dvd for ripping?

I also want to copy (backup) games so would it be worth getting the plex and the lite on? :confused:

Ideally I’d be able to copy games, rip cds (not on my burner as I’d rather not trash it) and watch dvds all on two drives though…

I know it’s not going to work, but what’s the nearest I’ll get to it without shelling out too much cash?


Originally posted by jeffster
5. The new Plextor 48x drive will be able to rewrite at 32x
Ehh that’s 24X :wink:

Originally posted by FriedSpam
Ideally I’d be able to copy games, rip cds (not on my burner as I’d rather not trash it) and watch dvds all on two drives though…
Get a PleXCombo PX-320A for playing DVD’s and ripping audio. The drive is slow though when ripping DVD’s (limited to 2X which would mean 45 minutes for a 1h:30m movie). It can also burn at 20X. For copy-protections add a Lite-On to your rig. The Lite-On drives are also very fast DAE drives but they can’t handle copy protected audio discs. The PleXCombo can.


have one drive (pref toshiba) for ripping music and playing dvd’s…

have a lite on 40x (48) for copying

what more do you need?

would the toshiba be as good as a Plextor at DAE?

How good is it as a DVD drive?

-thanks for you help!

answer is probably… do a search for toshiba on these forums

answer is probably…
Which Toshiba drive are you referring to? My Toshiba DVD-ROM drive is not really good for ripping audio and will top out at about 10X reading while my Plextor PX-W4012A drive will easily reach 40X and faster speeds. This is of course in Burst Mode using EAC. DVD drives are normally not good (read: fast) for ripping audio. The PleXCombo however will also do DAE at 40X easily and faster:

The Plextor drives are considered the best/fastest drives for DAE.

Reckon I’ll buy the Plex combo and the Lite-on then…

Thanx everyone! :slight_smile:

All good information. I still have the Plex 121032a for ripping can’t wait to get the Lite-on.

I just found out that the quality of the media is important, really important. More than just will my drive be able to write to it at 40x but how long will it be useable. Apparently all the cheapy stuff out there won’t last over 5 years. Kodak and Mitsui are supposed to last over 100+ years!!!

Does anyone here know about the quality of the Kodak media burned at 48x? I think there was an article out there somewhere about all media not burning reliably at 40x. Can you guys tell me if you’ve had luck with the Plex or the Lite-On in terms of quality burnign at 40x.

Last bit, I cannot believe the cost of ‘quality’ media. The Mitsui cd-r’s cost around $1.50 a disk!!! The Kodak which is supposed to be just as good if not better is cheaper! I hope this is the right place for this and apologies if it’s not but since I’ve decided to return the Plex 40x and get the Lite-On 40x was wondering if the experience with burning on either drive has been negative or positive.

My conclusion/observation from both using a Lite-On drive and a Plextor drive is that the Plextor focusses on quality (supported media is thoroughly tested believe me!) and will write ‘unsupported’ (unknown) media at a lower speed while the Lite-On will write all media as fast as possible. This may result in errors.

Thanks for your input. The next Plextor I buy will be the DVD burner… any idea when this is coming?