Plextor utilities now compatible with new 24/10/40 drive



I just posted the article Plextor utilities now compatible with new 24/10/40 drive.

Plextor Europe reported today that they have updated their software so it is compatible with their new Plexwriter 24/10/40. They also updated the page with recommended media.

Updated pages:…

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I persoanlly never found those utils to be helpful.


24x writing :stuck_out_tongue: I think I should consider buying myself a new burner. Still strugling with my Teac R55S 4x without CloneCD and CD-Text support :c


Can anyone tell me where I can buy this fantastic piece of hardware :slight_smile: on the web (europe)??


It’s not in stock in europe until friday, but I’d not bet on it, more likely next friday…


Ok guys who are well informed, and I am talking to the ones who reported that plex 24X10X40 could copy sd2 games. I would not bet on this. You ask why? Well after reading your post I emailed plextor myself on the email on the web page and guess what the guys reply was “I am not aware that the 24X will copy SD2 protected discs. Where did you hear this? Howard” If you need the email address Well let me know otherwise