Plextor USB Software No Good?



Just got my plextor USB Divx up and running. The quality is acceptable during capture at the mpeg-4 setting and plays back on the tv capture program the same as it is captured.

To make a disk though you have to switch to another program to edit and author the disks. This software adds too much pixilation even when viewing the originally recorded file.

This is outrageous. This all relates to the software that came bundled with the unit but I just got thru trying to view/author on other software and I get the same crappy pixilation or aliasing.

What can I do to simply get these files to burn and play as well as they were originally captured? I’m calling plextor when they open, but don’t expect much help. I’ll let you know if they have anything.//// ((back it goes because I can’t make a viewable disk!!!))/// bobbo.


Well, I was right. The software programs associated with the Plextor unit (px-tv402u) will NOT edit Divx or Mpeg-4 sreams meaning you can capture such streams to your harddrive and burn these as files on a dvd but you can’t edit or author said files without converting them mpeg-2.

Wonder how many units they would sell if “everybody” knew this?

This is funny. Unit is hyped and sold because of Divx but if you want to use it you have to revert to mpeg. Wonderful, just wonderfu.


Bah it can edit them fine. you need to do some more research. of course the bundled software is crap.