Plextor USA rebate action: save up to 20$ on new drives

I just posted the article Plextor USA rebate action: save up to 20$ on new drives.

Joseph used our newssubmit to tell us that you can save up to $20 on a Plextor drive if you purchase a drive before 12/31/02. You can download a rebate form from the Plextor website and send it in…

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I used to be a plextor man but why would i want to save $20 when i can buy a cheaper driver that is a whole lot better.Its called a Lite-On.

It’s been the same for me…I used to love Plextor but now…switched to a better ( and cheaper ) Lite On ! :8

I wonder how expensive Plextor DVD writers will be. :slight_smile:

Out of fasion brand… Sayonara, Plextor. Lite-On is the mountain King now.

I like the Lite-On’s too, but I do admit that I’m to this day impressed with my 12x Plextor. It does a great job ripping audio and still burns great. Only problem really is with the SafeDisc compatibility.