Plextor USA announces 24/10/40 drive

I just posted the article Plextor USA announces 24/10/40 drive.

Plextor USA now also announces the availability of the PlexWriter 24/10/40A. This drive uses the new Plextor feature PoweRec that guarantees recording results across a broad base of certified…

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/me drools :-P**

So this does not have the media reliability after a burn that the other 24x’s have that use the Zone CLV ? cause of that “PoweRec-II technology” ? that seems nice. as i know Zone CLV does cause some degredation of quality on some recordings. CAV is better - or atleast was. anyone know more bout PoweRec-II technology ?

plextor keeps on ruling…there isnt a recorder that comes even near to the quality of a plexdrive, it only sucks big time that there isnt a scsi version of this drive availlable (yet?)

Is there an adaptor that converts IDE drives to be used on SCSI channels?

I don’t think so Ryououki

As I posted in the previous thread about this drive Mirai (spelling) should be releasing a scsi version of the drive if plextor do not :slight_smile:

:r So–is it unable to copy some discs (safedisc2)? I have come across 3 music cds that my 12/10/32a cannot even recognize and play let alone copy–yet my 3yr old sanyo 24xMax can play without a problem. Plextor was my first CDRW and it will be my last.

Ryouoki, why on earth would you want to get an ide to work on a scsi connection? I’ll bet my mother that Plextor will have the scsi version very soon - hang in there!

Say, guys, haven’t you read the interview with Plextor? Plextor has stopped making SCSCI drives, so stop bugging the forum with SCSI questions.

Who’d want this Sanyo based piece of dog excrement? :r

@strooperman what do u mean with degradation in quality? can u give me some info on this?

@Marvin According to Olli (creator of CloneCD) this new Plex will support SafeDisc 2! They had a test model and the results were ok :slight_smile: It can also read and write the full SubChannels so this will be one of Plextor’s best drives I think …

I did a little research and found this drive available @ for $238.00 $USD not bad, sounds like an awsome drive :4 :4 :7

BEAST: there are articles saying that with the Zone CLV the speed of the disc goes up and down lots during the burn process. from “Present 24X burning solutions use Zone CLV, which ramps drive RPMs up at specified zones, in effect forcing buffer underrun prevention at these points” I am hoping that Plextor’s drive does not have this problem. further I have seen that Oak Tech has a new mech that uses CAV for up to 32x. So the Zone CLV prob should be short lived. I would wait til CAv comes out. :stuck_out_tongue:

BEAST: oak tech’s press release :wink: First 24X CD-RW Optical Storage Controller with Constant Angular Velocity Write Capability

“forcing buffer underrun prevention at these points” How do you think the drive can stop writing, change speed and then resume where it left off? It’s not elfen magic that does that.

If Plextor’s drive does not produce quality copies, then they will no longer exist in the market. Since Plextor’s new drive will work, then it will sell as many as possible!!

Here’s a IDE to Firewire case. Its not scsi but close.

Actually I found this IDE to Ultra scsi cd-rom case.