Plextor updates firmware for PX-W1610TA



I just posted the article Plextor updates firmware for PX-W1610TA.

Plextor has send us the message that there is a firmware update for the PX-W1610TA. The most up to date version is now 1.03

Here are the changes:


Improved PoweRec…

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Just a little notice: isn’t it: “has sent” ? Let’s download :stuck_out_tongue:


jpschadde, are you really so bored that you need to whine about a typo? :r


I wonder if it will be Safedisc 2 compatible? Only time will tell :8


I’m more interested to hear about whether it will allow it to read RAW96. That is probably the only reason why I wouldn’t buy a 1610 right now. I think most people have avoided it for that reason. No CloneCD, No Sale.


Im wondering how this recorder has PoweRec when it didnt have it when I first bought it… New firmware is always nice… I wonder if it is possible to add things like BurnProof 2 and PoweRec2 w/ Z-CLV technology with a firmaware update…? :9


Here is what I get in the CD Clone Settings Windows after the firmware install. Device Capabilities: Note: This information is provided by the unit, it might be inaccurate. CloneCD does not use this information! Manufacturer: PLEXTOR Product: CD-R PX-W1610A Revision: 1.03 Can read CD-R Discs: Yes Can read CD-RW Discs: Yes Can read DVD Discs: No Can read MultiSession Discs: Yes Can read Digital Audio Discs: Yes Digital Audio Data is accurate: Yes Can read CD-Text: Yes Can write CD-R Discs: Yes Can write CD-RW Discs: Yes Compatible with CloneCD RAW-DAO: Yes Compatible with CloneCD RAW-DAO Write Simulation: No Supports writing of CD+G RAW-DAO: Yes Compatible with CloneCD RAW-SAO: No Supports Burn Proof / Just Link: Yes Looks like it will do Safe disk 2 now. :7


How do you figure that? Didnt it give the same information before the update? Try burning a SD2 CD and then confirm that it does…


Hypnosis4U2NV You First. Let me know if you get a coaster or not. :d


I would if I owned a SD2 CD… :4


OK. I got one. Maddan 2001 is SD2. I’ll try it. :r


If work…i buy it tomorrow…!! I stay tuned


Well Maddan 2001 is only SafeDisk 1 protected but it worked. Before I would get coasters. Anybody got a SD2 game out there to try. :c


Till now I wasn’t able to clone Black & White (safeDisc2). I’ll try it with the new firmware and post it here soon :wink:


:(Bad news Guys, HITMAN (SD2) Read 1x and write (1x) with spécification of CLONY (final). RESULT: DOESN’T WORK on my LG 52x!!! Don’t worry …be happy…the 24/10/40 is comming!!!


Then Read it with the plextor to an image file then burn with the plextor.


:slight_smile: yes, use the plextor as the reader and the writer. i’m gonna burn afew games that use safedisk2, i’ll let ya all know if it works.


well, got good news and bad. copied Emperor - Battle for Dune :slight_smile: good news is that u can copy it no problem with plextor 16/10/40a with new firmware. used cloncd ver. game works fine in the plextor drive. :c bad news is it doesn’t work in my aopen 52x drive. ohwell atleast it works in plextor. laters


Isn’t this how it worked all all the time, the plextor drives (1610, 1210 etc.) will copy sd2, but the copy will only play in the source recorder?