Plextor Ultraplex 40x and PleXwriter 12/10/32s

Where i can find black front bezel for this devices?! :clap:

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I would guess at a museum. :wink:

I retired my 12/10/32A and UltraPlex 40x many years ago.

Were the 12/10/32s and UltraPlex delivered/manufactured at all in black.

According to Plextor, no.

There are no black bezels for those drives…the only way would be to paint these black.
But these two drives are still very good ones and if you just do music ripping and burning of CD-Rs they still should do fine. If you still have some older 16x or even 12 or 8x CD-Rs the PX12/10/32s can still outperform some of the newer DVD writers.