Plextor UltraPlex 40max

Whats the difference between drives with firmware 1.00-1.06 and 1.10 and higher. Why cant i flash 1.00 drives with 1.10 or higher firmware?

The 1.10 is a newer version with slightly different hardware to improve DAE and other things. You can’t flash a 1.0 drive with it. The newer drive does DAE at 40x or higher, the older one can only do 23 or 24 max :frowning: I know I had a 40 wide and that’s what Plex told me when I asked. I don’t have it any more becuase they only made the wides with the earlier firmware and they told me to replace the drive if I wanted faster DAE :a I use a LiteOn 166 dvd drive now and it is way faster then the plex was and I can watch and rip movies too.